Partner with East Hill

We’re here to support and augment your team, offering design expertise, experience, and resources.

Our most successful partnerships are with interior designers, architects, and contractors who are looking to augment their team. Getting strategic help with the nuts and bolts of kitchen design and rendering is invaluable, leaving them with more time to focus on the bigger picture. How about you? Our team at East Hill specializes in working alongside you, driving the project forward by bringing organization, key efficiencies, and experience to the table.

Not another vendor. A strategic partnership.

If you’re looking for another mill shop or cabinet vendor, we may not be what you need. If you are passionate about design, and love managing every detail, we may not be what you need. If you want someone to just sell you a product, you guessed it: we may not be what you need. But if you’re looking for a partner that can free up your time, help with every aspect of design, and keep the project running smoothly, we may be exactly what you need.
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