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Why should I use East Hill Cabinetry? – Stress free process, seamless design, cutting edge technology and we know the local market. Our prices are the best in the industry. We get the job done right, on time and within budget. Other reasons include:

Sustainability is important today; what about East Hill? – Our wood is culled from environmentally aware loggers in New England and we are committed to using woods that conform to the best practices on using sustainable products. We have a line of bamboo cabinets, the single most sustainable wood available.

Are you the general contractor? – No, we communicate and work with architects, interior designers, and the general contractor to design and build your unique project.

What is seamless design? – It is the entire process boiled down to its actual components and managed together. East Hill provides suggestions for countertops, flooring, back splash, light fixtures, furniture, paint color, plumbing fixtures and anything in the kitchen. The client pays a flat fee, and gets our discount with each supplier. No surprises, no headaches and it saves both time and money.

Aren’t most cabinets built pretty much the same way? Absolutely not, and like many things, the devil is in the details. Processes vary and there is no industry standard. For our clients, East Hill Cabinetry employs old world craftsmanship with modern technology. Below are some of standards we follow with every job.

How do you compare with other local firms selling similar services? – We work with the best interior designers and architects, best contractors and our fully transparent and seamless process is second to none. We guarantee our work and our prices are significantly lower than our competitors; on average about 30 percent lower.

Is there any significance to the name of the company? Anthony grew up on East Hill Street.

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