Case Study: Kitchen Island with Seating in Rye, NY

Client Profile

The clients are a young family who purchased a home in Rye, NY with the intent to improve the outdated existing kitchen.

The Problem

The existing layout provided little storage and no functional work areas. The range was pushed tight into a corner and shared the same elevation as the sink. Due to this, there was a very small shared counter space with the sink. There was a lack of refrigerator and freezer storage, leading the family to add a freezer chest behind the island. The wine refrigerator was located in a high-traffic work area between the sink and the range.

There was only room for a small table in a high-traffic area, making it challenging to enjoy a meal. An existing wall of floor-to-ceiling windows restricted cabinet and table placement.

Client Goals

After our initial consultation, we created a set of priorities and goals with the clients. The primary goal was to improve the workflows in the space, as they enjoy cooking as a family. Second, they wanted to expand and integrate the seating more efficiently into the space. Last, they felt there was a lot of unused floor space in the kitchen that was hard to access.


design for a kitchen remodel in Hartsdale, NY

East Hill created a design to use the space most efficiently. First, we separated the sink and range top, placing them on two different elevations. This change allowed two people to work simultaneously in their own dedicated workspace.

Additionally, we significantly expanded the island without encroaching on the floor-to-ceiling windows. The island can now function as both a prep space and seating area . This also allowed us to use more of the square footage in the kitchen, all without making the space too tight.

Another improvement was replacing the range with a range top and wall ovens. This allowed someone to work at the range top while the other attended to items in the oven. Because of this change, we were also able to add a large pantry to improve storage. Another recommendation was a larger 48″ refrigerator, eliminating the need for a supplemental refrigeration unit.

Last, we moved the wine refrigerator to the back of the island. This allowed the homeowners and their guests to grab a bottle without entering the main workspace.

“Renovating your kitchen can be stressful, especially when it comes to cabinets. East Hill helps you design your ideal kitchen and get beautiful, long-lasting cabinetry.”
Anthony Maucieri
Anthony Maucieri
Founder of East Hill

Before & After

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