Choosing a Paint Color for your Kitchen

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your new kitchen, the sky is the limit.

There are millions of color combinations and searching for swatches can make your head spin. Instead of heading to the paint chips blindly it’s always great to have a plan and even some design inspiration. 

Not every color is a great choice for every room and a kitchen area calls for a specific palette. Did you know that color connects with you on a deeper level? The right color can help you relax, give you energy or even spark your appetite!

If choosing paint colors seems like a foreign language to you, don’t panic and trust the pros to guide you to the perfect color for your brand new kitchen.

Entice Your Appetite

Warmer colors start a fire in us. Warm, rich colors like red stimulate your appetite and gets you ready to dig into a big family dinner. While red might seem like an intimidating choice, but it’s surprisingly versatile! There are tons of different shades of red that can be incorporated into cabinets, accent walls, countertops, backsplashes and more.

Energize Your Day

Where do you start your day? The kitchen! Whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee on your way out the door or sitting down to a big brunch with the family, choosing an energizing color for your kitchen can help you set the tone for your day. Crisp and fresh shades of all white can fill a space with refreshing light and energize your day, while still being elegant and sophisticated by night.

Relaxing Neutrals

The early 2000’s brought us tan as the neutral staple. Nearly two decades later, grey takes center stage as the choice for a modern take on a neutral space. Grey gets a bad reputation for being cold and uninviting, but there are so many different variations that can add so much warmth and depth to your space. Whether you’re going grey on a countertop, cabinet or walls, going grey is always a great choice.

Color doesn’t have to be intimidating!

Having a world of different colors at your fingertips can take your design to new heights when they speak to you and the energy you’re trying to convey in your space. As you start thinking about what colors you might want to explore, always consider the emotional response you’re shooting for and your color choice will always be a sure bet.

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